Small Space…Big Impact…Effective Use of the “3 Second Rule” at “Live” Events

Small Space…Big Impact…Effective Use of  the 3 Second Rule” at “Live” Events.

One of the best uses of space is to “invite” your audience into the exhibit. Placing barriers, such as tables with chairs at the front of your small space is not a wise decision. Because people do business with people they like, don’t place obstacles in their way! Make it easy for them to get close to you for unencumbered conversations and make them “like” you. Think more creatively about how to use your space.

Author and Movie Maker,Gary Lightfoot (Nathaniel’s Chorus*) provides an excellent example of proper visual marketing at “Live” events.

*(The novel and feature film, “Nathaniel’s Chorus,” combine espionage, adventure, loyalties and romance in an action filled mystery set in the present day with solutions found in the past. An innocent fraternity created by three brothers morphs into an international terrorist organization that threatens the very existence of everything they each hold dear.)

For a Ritz Group meeting Gary worked with Visual Marketing Mentors, LLC on the design and production of his banner that could be displayed either in front of or behind his table. This type of banner is effective at an event that has nothing but inline tables. Another feature he used was the table-runner showing the company name. Finally, Gary coupled this with a small “Mini” Retractable Banner that allowed him to feature his signature graphics. He also came up with unique “takeaways” for people who stopped by his booth.

Exhibiting during a recent Ritz Group funding event would not have been as successful had we not partnered with Visual Marketing Mentors. Ann Keys-Spencer’s experience and guidance proved to be an integral part of attracting investors to our booth. Thank you, Ann, for all your help.” Gary Lightfoot


At the recent Georgia Manufacturing Expo, Osborne Wood Products and sponsor Southern Barter Club set excellent examples of being smart “3 Second Rule” users.

The Osborne Wood Products, Inc booth allowed space for participants to touch and feel some of their products. They used three retractable banners with glamor photos of their products as their back drop. Their table drape displayed their logo in the right proportions. Two monitors, with exceptional product videos, attracted and engaged potential partners and clients. Coupled with their visual marketing items was an attractive promotional bag that was sought after by show participants. They soon ran out of stock!!! But you could see those attractive bags carried by people all over the convention floor. 

Another promotional item was a bamboo cutting board which showed their commitment to sustainability issues.

“Sustainability is a concept that we take seriously. Not a trend, but a way of life; we seek to promote sustainability – of quality of life, of community, and of the planet – in all that we do.” – Leon Osborne, CEO 

Learn More about Osborne’s Sustainability




Southern Barter Club, the premier barter club for business owners, was one of the sponsors of the Georgia Manufacturing Expo held at the Gwinnett Conference and Convention Center in Duluth, Georgia. Visual Marketing Mentors, LLC CEO/Founder/Owner, Ann Keys-Spencer represented Southern Barter Club at the Expo. As a member of the Club, she regularly attends events on their behalf. This booth shows an effective use of space as well as how an exhibit can be a co-opt space – VMM-CSG utilized a third of the table space to showcase their company while still emphasizing the benefits of the barter system. 

Laurie Sossa and Henry Sossa, Owners of Southern Barter Club and sponsors of the show, were also in attendance at the show.

The most important aspect of visual marketing at “Live” events is to engage your

audience by allowing them to come into your space.